Seeing an out-of-network therapist can still be affordable.

Let’s face it. Sometimes the best psychotherapist for you isn’t an in-network insurance provider. As a licensed creative arts psychotherapist I’ve seen clients run into this issue a number of times. That’s why I created this quick-guide for getting reimbursed for out-of-network treatment even if your provider doesn’t take your insurance directly.

Step 1. Call your insurance directly and ask them about your out of network coverage for mental health.
Step 2. Ask them for the forms you would need to fill out at the end of each month.
Step 3. Bring the form to your provider and go over how to fill out the form.
Step 4.  Request monthly bills that include your providers NPI, Tax ID (EIN), and State License Number.
Step 5. Send in your insurance form will all information including provider info (above), diagnosis and CPT codes. (Don’t forget to make sure the reimbursement amount is getting sent to you directly and not your provider.)