“In art you tell the truth.”

Edith Kramer

Art Therapy is a type of therapy that in addition to verbally processing feelings, art is used both as a therapeutic tool and for expression.

It’s not that the basics aren’t there. You still have the therapist, the client, perhaps a couch, and empathy. Going to see an art therapist is going to see a therapist, but you might also make art while you’re there.

Art Therapy works in two main ways:

The first is art making itself is therapeutic. Just by using the materials you are tapping into a safe creative way to express your feelings. This can be a cathartic and powerful experience. The creative process is healing. This is Art as Therapy.

The second way is art psychotherapy. Which basically means not only is art healing but like any form of expression it can lend itself to exploration. You can use art as a way to get to those deep feelings that you haven’t found words for.

Art Therapy is not about the therapist interpreting the work created. The artist or client holds the keys to the meaning of their work. The therapist acts as a facilitator to help guide you to create connections with what your going through.