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Art Therapy for Anxiety

Art Therapy can reduce stress, help you develop positive coping skills, improve your self-esteem and self-regulation, and give you the freedom to express your feelings.

Why Art Therapy

I’ve been a therapist for more than ten years. I’m passionate about working with individuals to help them feel more grounded and relaxed in their present state. The majority of my private practice clients have suffered from anxiety at one point or another. My approach is to work in the present moment with an emphasis on the body mind to develop an awareness and acceptance of ones self. In addition to verbal psychotherapy I practice art therapy.

The Art Therapy Approach to Healing/Wellness

Not all of my clients do art in their sessions, but for a lot of people this is a great way to get in touch with underlying emotions that can be a key to unlocking the root of your anxiety and to express some of that material in a safe nonjudgmental way.


The emotions and fears that accompany anxiety can be difficult to express with words alone. The creative process of art therapy can help a person tap into and express these feelings. The act of creating art is therapeutic in itself. Just by engaging in simplistic drawing, painting, or sculpting activities it calms you down soothing the areas of your brain that are hyper alert and working to prepare us for catastrophe. By relaxing these areas, bringing our awareness to our bodies creating our work in the moment we are freed up focus on the present rather than preparing for the imagined worst.

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